Cybersecurity war is nowadays reality. Number of internal and external threats are rapidly growing and are causing more and more damages to the companies around the World. 

Do you know that in 2017,  62% of Companies in Poland experienced business continuity problems  and 44% experienced financial losses due to cyberattacks  ? *

Do you know that successfull cyberattack financial loss for SMB Company may reach up to 1,5M PLN ?

It is much more alarming for security of the businesses that many companies are even not aware of being under attack already – statistical average time for companies to detect being under successful cyberattack exceeds 200 days! *

Thanks to Aivena you can learn how to take care of cybersecurity in your company in most effective way and how to utilise innovative technologies not having huge budgets assigned.

Most companies nowadays face challenges like :

  • lack of full visibility and knowledge about what is going on in their IT network , where are the bottlenecks and optimisation opportunities, as well as lack of knowledge about suspisious behaviour of users or devices which may be a sign of cyberattack and activities against the organisation,
  • lack of skilled cybersecurity specialists who can effectively utilise currently owned and new solutions,
  • lack of budgets for effective cybersecurity solutions which can be quite expensive

Having all above in mind we prepared and develop innovative  Managed Security services.

Click to download ( Adaptive Security Architecture ) :

Cyber-ruletka po Polsku. Dlaczego firmy w walce z cyberprzestępcami liczą na szczęście, PwC 2018