Our mission is to support especially midsize and small companies in achieving their business goals by offering services which base on advanced and innovative IT network monitoring and cybersecurity technologies to help them protect business continuity and most sensitive business data against evolving cyber threats.

By offering very attractive financial and services model we would like to make most advanced cybersecurity knowledge and technologies affordable for midsize and small companies. Technologies which were till now financially achievable only for limited number of big enterprise organisations.

We base our managed services and solutions portfolio on very carefully selected technologies and business partners. We perfectly understand importance of cybersecurity area so we need to be 100% sure that technologies offered within our managed services and solutions portfolio are best-in-class.

Our motto : Bringing Cybersecurity Closer.

We invite you to visit our LinkedIn profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aivena-sp.-z-o.-o./


Our Partners

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